2012 Monkeymatic Rocket Dog #2

Thirty watts, all tube, hand-built beauty

You know those special amps you say you’ll never sell?

This custom-built Rocket Dog is based on the venerable Vox AC30, made famous by Brian May, The Beatles, Tom Petty, and many others. This single-channel model delivers big, booming cleans, and articulate, crunchy distortion—a perfect compliment for single coil pickups. And with the Cut and Treble controls dialed down, it sounds incredible with humbuckers.

  • Dynaco power and output transformers
  • Vintage Saratov 6N14N (military EL84) power tubes, TungSol and JJ preamp tubes, Sovtek rectifier
  • Flamed, Canadian maple cabinet with gun oil finish
  • Hall VVR adjustable voltage circuit
  • Easy-to-remove, fully shielded chassis
  • Custom vinyl slipcover

Dimensions: 18.75w x 9.25h x 10d inches, 30 pounds

List price: $2600 $1900 sale!