Category: Amp builds

2015 Monkeymatic Trinity #2

The Monkeymatic Trinity is a hand crafted, tweed style combo in a solid pine cabinet, with two 12AX7s and a pair of cathode-biased 6L6 power tubes pushing 15 watts into a 12″ Jensen Nighthawk speaker. Variable voltage power scaling makes

2015 Monkeymatic NDS #1

The Monkeymatic NDS (no-overdrive special) is the clean channel of a D’Lite. A vintage 80s Schumacher output transformer and a pair of EL34s delivers 40 watts of clean power, making this a perfect pedal platform, with plenty of delicious harmonics

2014 Monkeymatic Blackbox

Blackbox is as pure and direct as it gets. Designed as my gigging amp, this low-wattage, 12″ combo is perfect for adding warm, tube character while keeping stage volumes manageable. Featuring a simplified Princeton circuit, with Treble/Bass tone stack and

2010 Monkeymatic Firefly

Here it is. This was my first amp build from scratch. Based on the one-watt Firefly design from, this is a great practice and recording amp. A Boost switch enables a second, cascaded stage, for a surprising amount of

Mitchell PRO-100

Monkey-modified! The Mitchell PRO-100 is a Mesa Boogie clone, made in the 80s in Southern California, with a Fendery tone stack, and a WIDE variety of tones available by switching four cascaded gain stages in and out of the signal

2015 Monkeymatic Mac Pro 2203

This computer served me well for six years. How could I possibly throw it out? Just look at that chassis—heavy, precision machined aluminum, highly designed, custom fasteners. Well, good news, it makes a GREAT amp chassis, and now it will

2012 Monkeymatic Rocket Dog #2

Thirty watts, all tube, hand-built beauty You know those special amps you say you’ll never sell? This custom-built Rocket Dog is based on the venerable Vox AC30, made famous by Brian May, The Beatles, Tom Petty, and many others. This single-channel

2014 Monkeymatic 18 TMB #3

This screamer is an 18-watt, Marshall inspired build, featuring 4U4GB tube rectifier, three 12AX7s and a pair of 1960s EL84s, using vintage Hammond organ transformers. A custom MOSFET B+ voltage limiter is set to put 350v on the plates, the

2014 Monkeymatic Eico 377 #2

Check out this repurposed 1950s sine-wave generator! It now proudly houses a souped-up tweed-style, singled-ended, three-watt guitar amplifier. Controls include a sweepable bright control, a cathode-bypass boost switch, and a volume control. This is the perfect practice or recording amp–dime

2014 Monkeymatic S’express

This is a unique, lightweight and portable, small Express (“S’express”) named Tetragrammaton, based on Ken Fischer’s design. She puts out 25 watts of clean power before clipping, using Rivera-era Fender transformers and vintage Hammond (made in Holland) EL84 power tubes.