2015 Monkeymatic Mac Pro 2203

This computer served me well for six years. How could I possibly throw it out? Just look at that chassis—heavy, precision machined aluminum, highly designed, custom fasteners. Well, good news, it makes a GREAT amp chassis, and now it will live forever as a 100-watt Marshall-JCM-800-style guitar amplifier. My design features the “High” input of the JCM 800, with its three cascaded gain stages, followed by the standard TMB tone stack and Presence control, with the Master Volume that makes available high-gain shredding at bedroom levels. But! With 100 watts on tap from a quad of Russian 5881s, this amp has enough clean power to rattle windows the next neighborhood over. The ultimate math rock amp?

Dimensions: 8w x 20h x 18.75d inches, ~35 pounds

Price: SOLD