2013 Monkeymatic Element 79 #1

This 18-watt head is based on Trace Elliott’s GA-15, which, despite appearances and the explicit moniker, “Goldtone,” bears no resemblence to Gibson’s vintage GA-15. My version is called Element 79, the atomic number for gold. It features a Fender style tone stack and blackface sound.

Master volume added to rear panel, making great crunch and medium gain sounds available at any volume.

Dimensions: 20.5w x 10.5h x 10d inches, 22 pounds

List price: $1600 SOLD

    1992 Fender American Telecaster > Monkeymatic Element 79 > Shure SM57 > MOTU 828mk3 > no effects, no compression > MP3 at 192kbps

    First section, until 2:20, recorded with master volume down near zero–overall volume level is a bit louder than normal conversation. Second section, after 2:20, recorded with master at about 3, which is loud enough to rattle windows.