Category: Amp builds

2014 Monkeymatic Diablo Reverb

Fifteen watts, all tube head with Hammond steel cage. 10″w x 10″d x 9″h. Transformers and two 12″ AlNiCo speakers from 1960s vintage Hammond organ. Solid pine, dovetail jointed speaker cabinet. 5R4GY, 3x 12ax7, 12au7, 2x el84. Tube-driven spring reverb.

2014 Monkeymatic Twenty TYBA

A 20-watt, cathode biased, all-tube head based on the Traynor YBA2, with a Fender Princeton Treble/Bass tone stack. Dimensions: 16w x 8.25h x 8d inches, 13 pounds List price: $1200 SOLD 1991 Fender American Stratocaster > Monkeymatic Twenty TYBA >

2014 Monkeymatic Shasta

My “Master’s Thesis” amp. A 15-watt, solid pine combo based on Fender’s Princeton Reverb, with 12″ Celestion Blue. List price: $2800

2013 Monkeymatic Ace Tone

This quirky combo began life as a Japanese import, using odd valves and underpowered transformers. I stripped it down, leaving only the cabinet, the chassis, and its attractive faceplate and logo. I built a simplified AA964 (Fender Princeton) circuit, with

2013 Monkeymatic Element 79 #1

This 18-watt head is based on Trace Elliott’s GA-15, which, despite appearances and the explicit moniker, “Goldtone,” bears no resemblence to Gibson’s vintage GA-15. My version is called Element 79, the atomic number for gold. It features a Fender style

2013 Monkeymatic Fiddy V3

A tribute to 1970s Marshall superiority! “Plexi” style “1987” circuit with vintage 100 watt Drake power transformer. Puts out up to 45 watts of clean power, and just gets louder from there as you crank up the gain on the